ALP - Active Load Port

  • Current EFEM/LP Can Be Used
  • Buffer Port Has Arm To Transfer The FOUP To The LP
  • Swing Type Arm - 2 Axes - Up/Down+Swing
  • Arm Transfers FOUP To The LP By Gripping The Top Robotic Handling Flanges To LP
  • No Need To Change The Current OHT Line
  • Alps Serve As Buffer Ports For OHT On Both Sides Of The LP
  • Equipped In The EFEM
  • Operator Can Access The FOUP
  • Operator Can Secure The Access Space By Simply Moving The Arm
  • Least modification For Tool and OHT
  • Add New Teaching Point Of OHT For Buffer Port
  • Change E84 Line Connection To Buffer Port
  • No Modification On Tool Side