The BWS Series are bare wafer stockers which utilize a dead space at the back of the sorter. There is practically a zero footprint, so the delivery time of the QC wafer can be substantially improved. With minute control for differential pressure and air flow very clean performance is guaranteed.
  • A hybrid piece of equipment with a production wafer sorting function and stocker function which integrates a bare wafer storage area onto a wafer sorter.
  • Shutter separates the stocker section from the sorter minienvironment.
  • High reliability and low particle generation by integrating a dual-arm clean robot.
  • High-speed transfer made possible by a servo robot and a linear track.
  • Wafer-back-side contamination prevented by edge-clamp handling.
  • 600-slot, 1800-slot, 2700-slot, and 3200-slot capacity types are also available.
  • N2 Purge Function System is povided to select.