Overhaul of Introduction

Robot after a certain period of use, the implementation machinery of the decomposition, inspection and repair.
RORZE Japan by the receiving technical training and a licensed technician led operations.

Overhaul Localized Effects

RORZE Japan accepted technical training and licensed technicians led operation
Reduce delivery time, maintenance shorten delivery of correspondence can be used flexibly
Maintenance work can visit the site to view confirmation
Lower maintenance costs, freight and labor costs can be reduced
Maintenance schedule immediate inquiry know


RORZE Recommended Overhaul

Mechanical Overhaul

RORZE recommended to check once every two years.
The long-term action by the wear, deterioration of mechanical parts replacement of new products, the mechanical properties remain the same as the state and the time of delivery.

Full Overhaul

RORZE recommend maintenance once every four years.
Mechanical Overhaul + replacement of electrical parts, so that all the properties remain the same as the state and the time of delivery.


RORZE Taiwan Implementation Overhaul

Stage 2 inspection points caused by long-term use of wear, damage, deterioration of parts, all to be replaced in the robot an exploded overhaul.
After assembly completion, implementation of the adjustment, running operation, inspection, etc., to ensure the same quality and time of delivery after return.
After Overhaul implementation, operation guarantee period is one year.